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Balustrade For Homes & Commercial Buildings

Realty St. Lucia  is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality balustrade products on time. Our competitive pricing, and experience can turn your building jobs around more quickly and reduce your cost.

We strive for customer satisfaction, fast delivery and / or reasonable implementation time with enormous pride in our work. We deliver throughout St Lucia with our own transportation FREE.

We offer:

Precast Concrete Columns

We manufacture a wide range of two piece column halves designed to fit around the structural supports on a building. This gives versatility to your home or building project. Precast concrete columns add timeless appeal to a project. Precast concrete columns is the ideal solution for your next residential or commercial building project. It provides durability, flexibility, and versatility both in the design and construction stages of any project.

Balustrades & Handrail

Balustrade and railing add architectural beauty to your building while providing structural integrity as handrail for stairs as well as safety rails for balconies.

Concrete Structure Repairs

It is almost always obvious to the naked eye when a problem is occurring with your concrete structure. Cracking and honeycombing, for example, are easy to spot. Repair is therefore inevitable and therefore try to produce a “perfect” piece to satisfy our customers.